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ConCave Cafe

ConCave is a design for a cafe that immerses its customer with a combination of concave and convex curves creating organic forms.  Once a customer enters the space they are surrounded by the smooth flow of shapes leading them to the cafe counter and into the seating area. Being in the interior the customer is invited to look up at the landscape of curvature forms creating a sense of dramatic movement. The warm red color of the main sculpture and the ceiling is enhanced by the natural warmth of wood and complemented by warm interior lights. The undulating curves activated by shadows from the interior lighting as well as sunlight offer a form of emotional interaction between the customer and the space.  ConCave offers a special warm, dramatic experience for its special customers.  

The cafe was designed to serve 60 guests offering a variety of fine coffee, baked goods, and cold sandwiches. It is only one floor containing the main counter that holds the mini kitchen, coffee machines, cashier and sweets display.


Modeling:          Rhino3D
Rendering:        3dsMax

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