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SOFA Group Exhibition

Juried group installation at the Sculpture Objects Functional Art Fair at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. 

First place winners.

The University of Iowa 3D Design team collaborated with the Theatre Arts Department to create an immersive experience through color, light, materials, and shapes. As we were looking at nature's architects, we were piqued by a bird’s ability to utilize and repurpose materials found in nature to weave temporal nests. We found that in creating a temporary environment for the SOFA CONNECT exhibition, we were sharing the same purpose with a bird creating its nest. We were inspired to weave abstracted nests for our audience to feel immersed in. The technique of weaving has long been used throughout the history of design, furniture, and fashion. Our space aspires to highlight the history and importance of weaving in the development of design and its significance in nature.

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