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Khoos - handwoven palm fronds By UAE craftswomen -
LED Light


100 X 15 X 45 cm


March 2023

“Journey," a sculpture capturing the essence of human life as an abstract tapestry of light and darkness. The sculpture's interwoven light pathways symbolize the multifaceted nature of our journeys, flowing parallel yet distinct, mirroring the choices we make. As we navigate through life's intricate passages, we traverse from luminous moments to shadows and back, embracing diverse paths that shape our individual narratives.
This artwork likens our existence to a delicate weave, where each moment, person, and experience intertwines to craft our unique tapestry. Just as the initial frond remains an unseen foundation, our past and memories provide a foundation, anchoring our growth and transformation over time. The sculpture's profound message gently reminds us that there isn't a singular right way; rather, our journey is an exploration, a continuous evolution guided by our past yet illuminated by the present.
In contemplating “Journey," we're invited to appreciate the intricate dance of light and darkness, choices and consequences, that compose our lives. This piece encapsulates the exquisite complexity of human existence, inspiring us to cherish our individual threads in the grand fabric of existence.

Safeefah - Khoos woven by local UAE craftswomen Tiflah Al Mansouri "UmAli", Shamma Tarish and Maryam AlDhahiri supported by AlGhadeer Crafts.

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