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December 2021

This piece is an investigation of the materiality of calligraphy as a physical extension of a spiritual being. Where light is the intermediary, creating a conversation between the physical and the spiritual through abstract calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy spread through the sacred gesture of copying the word of “الله“, the Quran. The art of “Kufic Square” calligraphy is one that is often used for spiritual and visual aesthetics rather than legible type. Tessellating phrases written in “Kufic Square” is a beautiful image that was often drawn on architectural walls of mosques in Iraq, Iran, and Central Asia. This piece is an abstract tessellation of the word “الله“designed based on the essence of the “Kufic Square” calligraphy, the square. The visual aesthetic is gained by structure, simplicity, boldness, and the balance between positive and negative space. The woven interactions between light and shadow represent the weavings shown often in “Kufic” calligraphy as well as the extension of the Quran that wove its roots across different cultures through calligraphy.

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